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Plenus Sapientia

16441    02/04/2017    Mathematics    10  / 

Site educacional com conteúdo sobre vestibular, ensino médio, Enem e ensino superior. Soluções de provas das principais universidades - Unicamp, Usp, Unesp, Uerj, Enem. Clique aqui!... [+]

Rolle's Theorem

16279    01/27/2017    Mathematics    4  / 

Rolle's Theorem : Let 'f' be a function defined in [a, b] such that It is continuous in closed interval [a, b] It is differentiable in open interval (a, b) f(a)=f(b)f(a)=f(b), then there is at least one number 'c' in... [+]

T'Aide Software Company

5297    10/18/2014    Mathematics    156  / 

Freeware. Printed exercises and tests suitable for photocopy and direct classroom use; elementary algebra and mathematics, basic skills. Answers always provided, (on succeeding sheets). Supply is substantially unlimit... [+]

Speed Math Tutor Using Vedic Mathematics

1987    01/10/2013    Mathematics    268  / 

SDK's Speed Math Tutor teaches Vedic Mathematics. This was based on methods developed by an incredible man Sri Bharathi Krishna Tirtha who translated the ancient knowledge of India from Sanskrit into English. These metho... [+]

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