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Convert DXF To PDF In Batch

34233    11/28/2016    Software    6  / 

DXF documents are extraordinary when you are setting up your work in Autodesk itself yet with regards to offering them to customers or partners they are frequently a long way from the ideal solution. As a general rule, at some stage, you will need to...

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Display The Address On Incoming Emails With AddressView

34220    11/23/2016    Software    11  / 

Many people have two or more email addresses, particularly those who rely heavily on email for both work and personal purposes. In the workplace, Microsoft Outlook remains the industry-leading email client, since it provides many more features than m...

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VyprVPN Adds Its First Server Locations In Africa

34131    11/07/2016    Software    14  / 

We're excited to announce that VyprVPN has expanded our service to reach an entirely new continent - Africa! We now offer two server locations in Africa: Egypt and Algeria. These new servers open up access in the region, providing an essential con...

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Huboken Information Technologies Pvt Ltd

34126    11/07/2016    Software    11  / 

Huboken is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing and next-generation services. we are helping enterprises renew themselves while also creating new avenues to generate value.We help organizations in this augmentation process by pl...

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Why SAM Broadcaster Cloud Is Growing In Popularity

34123    11/04/2016    Software    7  / 

Since the start of the decade, we've seen the internet radio market explode, bringing new voices to listeners around the world. In bedrooms, garages and offices, people are becoming radio DJs from scratch, able to interact with their audience and gro...

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How You Can Automate FTP Transfers And Save Valuable Time

34121    11/04/2016    Software    8  / 

Working with files stored on a remote FTP server is a pain at the best of times, particularly if you're using a Web-based solution such as those provided by many hosting companies. A typical locally installed FTP client also leaves a lot to be desire...

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Real Time Collaboration Between Work Teams Made Easy

34120    11/03/2016    Software    49  / 

Introduction In this age of technology, you would come across projects at every stage right from the student life to that of the professionals. When you are on a project, you would always need to share important issues with your friends, colleague...

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Formatting An NTFS Drive Using A Mac

34111    11/01/2016    Software    12  / 

We recently released the 2016 edition of Tuxera NTFS for Mac with macOS Sierra support. Did you know that Tuxera NTFS for Mac 2016 also comes with Tuxera Disk Manager? With Tuxera Disk Manager, you can format an external drive or USB stick to work wi...

Read More The Best Travellers VPN In Market Today

34102    10/28/2016    Software    13  / 

VPNs have become quite popular in today's world. Their usage in the corporate world has been prevalent since the 1990s. The high number of data breach attacks has perhaps opened people's eyes finally. The decision that plagues most, though, is which ...

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Use Facebook Autopilot Software To Increase Your Online Presence

33950    09/02/2016    Software    18  / 

Business operations at corporate firms include extensive amounts of tasks including formation of strategies for increasing productivity, managing capital investments, acquiring orders, enrooting the financial sources, setting up budgets and targets a...

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Importance Of Online Project Management

33917    08/26/2016    Software    22  / 

Task management and project Management software has one consistent plan is to organize the projects in an efficient manner to get their objectives. For personal point of view, the objective is to give the projected outcome within given time period, f...

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Cost Effective IT Services

33881    08/22/2016    Software    34  / 

Flexibility, speed and efficiency arethe supreme characteristics of IT Services Dubai and robust IT strategy are critical to survive in today’s complex business environment. Common IT services provided by Dubai based IT companies include system int...

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Find Suitable Project Collaboration Tools For Enhancing Your Business Credentials

33851    08/13/2016    Software    17  / 

If you truly desire to enhance the credibility of your business, then it is essential that you complete your projects on time. It would be a formidable option to install project collaboration tools that can help you complete your clients’ tasks wit...

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Growth Of Zapya And The Smartphone Market

33801    07/28/2016    Software    20  / 

Smartphone use has been increasing on all fronts; across national boundaries, age and gender. Experts suggest that this will fundamentally change the way businesses are conducted. It will make workers more mobile and productive. These infographics il...

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Growth Of Zapya And The Smartphone Market

33800    07/28/2016    Software    26  / 

Smartphone use has been increasing on all fronts; across national boundaries, age and gender. Experts suggest that this will fundamentally change the way businesses are conducted. It will make workers more mobile and productive. These infographics il...

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Increase Brand Visibility With Logo Design Studio

33788    07/22/2016    Software    25  / 

Every brand knows the importance of having a great logo that people come to recognize. After all, the logo you use will become your main identifier in all of your correspondence, advertising and online and offline content. Some of the most recognized...

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Advanced Computer Troubleshooting With Active@ LiveCD

33772    07/19/2016    Software    36  / 

Active@ LiveCD provides a powerful set of tools delivered in the form of a fully self-contained operating environment. The software is designed to be run from a bootable DVD or flash drive, allowing you to access and use computers that won't boot up ...

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The Best Alternative To Picasa

33746    07/10/2016    Software    22  / 

It's no mystery why people adopted Picasa, Google's simple photo management software. However, with the announcement that google is ending their desktop photo management software, users are going to be searching for an alternative to Picasa. There...

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Math Software For Engineers

33745    07/10/2016    Software    21  / 

Mathematical calculations are at the heart of any engineering project, and those who rely on them need to have the right software at their disposal in order to save time and ensure accuracy. PTC Mathcad Express gives you all of the advanced tools you...

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Boost Performance And Stability With System Mechanic Professional

33744    07/10/2016    Software    15  / 

Over a few months of use, a computer inevitably slows down and becomes less reliable. While a regular maintenance routine will help to keep your computer performing better, there's no substitute for carrying out the occasional performance audit to re...

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Connectivity Is Not Binary, The Network Is Never Neutral

33736    07/08/2016    Software    21  / 

It takes an hour to clear the Yangon traffic, and another two to reach Bogale, a small town at the edge of the Irrawaddy Delta. From there, depending on which village you are planning to visit, the captain requires up to 3 hours of skilful boatmanshi...

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Improve PC Performance And Reliability With System Mechanic Free

33735    07/08/2016    Software    16  / 

Iolo presents the ultimate in system tune-up utilities, System Mechanic Free. This freeware version of one of the world's favorite PC optimization utilities will help boost performance, restore your computer's speed, free up hard drive space and impr...

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Batch Convert TIFF Files To PDF

33731    07/08/2016    Software    16  / 

TIFF Archive by Aquaforest is a simple and convenient conversion utility for anyone who regularly works with TIFF and PDF files and needs a solution to convert to the latter. The program uses the same dependable, patented technology as the developer'...

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Everything You Need To Migrate From QuarkXPress To Adobe InDesign

33730    07/08/2016    Software    20  / 

Q2ID is designed for anyone who is migrating from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign or regularly uses both programs. It is a small and lightweight plugin that runs in Adobe InDesign to provide a user-friendly and integrated experience by way of an instan...

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Select Web Based Project Management For Resourceful Business Operations

33727    07/06/2016    Software    30  / 

It is every entrepreneur’s prerogative to view the many avenues available in web based project management. You have to be pragmatic in ascertaining your software tools, which should preferably be in tandem with his business credentials. The choice ...

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